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Deep Dives and Misty Isles: Four Adventures Plunge Onto GeForce NOW!

This GFN Thursday sees GeForce NOW dive headfirst into adventures galore with four incredible, captivating titles joining the service! This is an especially exciting week for those who enjoy story-driven titles – read on to learn more!

GFN Thursday 20th June 2024

Unravel ocean secrets in Still Wakes the Deep, or get lost in the ethereal beauty of Skye: The Misty Isle. For those craving stories, As Dusk Falls delivers choices and consequences, while Tell Me Why explores powerful connections. Whatever your preference, these four titles are bound to keep you glued to your screens until the final credits roll! The full list of games is:

This Week on GeForce NOW:

That wraps it up for this GFN Thursday! Follow our X / Twitter account for further news!

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