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About Netflix Cloud Gaming

When you think of Netflix, chances are pretty high you’re thinking of video streaming. Netflix was one of the pioneers in video on demand streaming. Even to the point of becoming the largest video streaming platform. In recent years, profits started dwindling for Netflix. This has led to them searching for other markets to get involved in. In 2022, they started becoming involved in gaming. They released mobile games as a free extra for Netflix subscribers. These included quality indie games such as TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story, Kentucky Route Zero and many more. Here’s what’s known about the Netflix Cloud Gaming ambitions.

Just ambitions

In the past year, Netflix has also made it known they are looking to expand into the cloud gaming market. According to their then VP of External Games, Leanne Loombe, Netflix wants to seamlessly allow their customers to play games on all devices that can use Netflix. They’ve also stated this will be a slow burn as they want to avoid being the next Google Stadia. Netflix is the next big tech company looking to strike gold in the cloud gaming market. While nothing official has been announced as of yet, we are closely looking at any developments. We will keep you posted once Netflix Cloud Gaming does become a thing. And you can be sure we will add their catalogue to the Cloud Gaming Catalogue.