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About Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Cloud Gaming is part of Microsoft’s GamePass Ultimate service. GamePass is a massive catalogue of games which you can access for a monthly fee. In the most expensive tier, GamePass Ultimate, you’ll also get access to Xbox Cloud Gaming. Most of the games in the catalogue are accessible through cloud gaming with this option.

Much like PlayStation Now, you’ll be able to install your games on your Xbox or play them on a wide range of devices including Android, iOS and Windows devices. GamePass Ultimate is priced at € 12,99 per month.

The Xbox Cloud Gaming catalogue is very broad, featuring almost every genre. It offers both day one AAA releases and highly regarded indie games. Every Microsoft exclusive game is also accessible through Xbox Game Streaming day one. Microsoft has plans to developer a TV stick, so it can be played on any tv. Additionally, they have announced plans to stream your bought games. You can view the entire catalogue by going here.

The catalogue is refreshed twice a month. Once at the start and once at the middle of the month. Multiple new games arrive every month, with other games leaving the service. No game has returned to the service after leaving so far. You can try the service for free by clicking here.