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About Cloud Gaming Catalogue

Welcome to the Cloud Gaming Catalogue. With cloud gaming on the rise, multiple cloud gaming services are already a thing. Big names in the industry, such as Microsoft, Nvidia and Sony, already have their own cloud gaming services. And newcomers Amazon and Google have gotten a footing in the industry as well. With these five services offering various business models, the cloud gaming landscape is already becoming confusing to new cloud gamers.

As with video streaming, games are starting to get fragmented over different services. Mainly due to exclusivity rights. The Cloud Gaming Catalogue will attempt to offer a complete catalogue of every game (previously) available on these services. If you want to play a specific game, come here and look it up. You’ll see where you can play it. Or if you’re just curious which platform has the most games in the genre of your choosing, this is the place to be. Just click on the All Games button in the menu above and get started.

Multiple platforms

As said earlier, there are already multiple platforms. Each with their own business model. You can click on About CGC in the menu above and click on one of the platforms to learn more about it’s business model and how it works.