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  • Enshrouded Review
    Enshrouded is, at present, an early access co-op survival RPG for up to 16 people.  You are the Flameborn, humanity’s literal last hope against the ever-encroaching Shroud, a corrupting fog which has caused an entire civilisation to… Read More »Enshrouded Review
  • Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Review
    Prince of Persia has held a prominent position within Ubisoft’s gaming portfolio, particularly celebrated for the PS2-era reboot trilogy. The trilogy, spanning from 2003’s Sands of Time to 2010’s Forgotten Sands, contributed to the franchise’s stature, releasing… Read More »Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Review
  • Monster Hunter: World Review
    Monster Hunter: World is currently breaking 128,000 concurrent players about six years after release in 2018. The series has since released an expansion to the game, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, but they also released a new game… Read More »Monster Hunter: World Review
  • Perish Review
    Developed by just two people, PERISH is a roguelike that sees you step into the gladiator sandals of Amyetri, a damned soul in the unforgiving land of Purgatory, seeking escape to Elysium.  Your journey will see you… Read More »Perish Review

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