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About Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna is a cloud gaming platform from Amazon. It launched in early access in 2020 for U.S. based citizens with over 100 games. The service has grown steadily in the meantime and in March 2022 Amazon Luna has gone out of early access in the U.S. At the same time, it has expanded it’s game library considerably and added multiple subscription tiers. Amazon Luna is a subscription service, meaning you buy a monthly fee for access to a set game library. Games cannot be purchased. So far, no games have left the service but as with every subscription service chances are likely games will be rotated in and out.

Amazon Luna is playable on a huge range of devices, such as Windows PC, Mac, Fire TV, Android, and iOS devices. It offers support for it’s own Amazon Luna controller and Xbox One and PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 gamepads. You can try out the service by going here.

In order to see the full catalogue Amazon Luna offers, click here.


Amazon Luna uses various subscription tiers in the form of channels. Each channel has a specific theme and monthly price and they are stackable. Subscribing to a channel offers access to the set of games tied to that channel. You can find an overview of the channels below:

Luna+ channel: This is where the meat of the service is. Luna+ offers the biggest amount of games including some AAA titles. Currently it’s $ 5,99 for founders and starting April 1st 2022, new customers pay $ 9,99 for access to Luna+. Luna+ offers a broad selection of games and genres and is targeted at a mature audience.

Family Channel: As the name states, the Family Channel is geared towards families with small children. It offers a selection of games for the whole family, including kid friendly games and games for parents to enjoy. You won’t find gorey first person shooters in this tier. Currently it’s $ 2,99 for founders and starting April 1st 2022, new customers pay $ 5,99 for access to the Family Channel.

Retro Channel: A new channel was introduced with Amazon Luna’s official launch out of early access. The Retro Channel, which offers all sorts of Retro games. From Atari Classics to remastered Retro games, you’ll find a trip of nostalgia here. The Retro Channel is available for $ 4,99 per month.

Prime Gaming Channel: Everyone with access to Amazon Prime will get access to a monthly selection of free games. These games rotate out monthly and offer a way for current Amazon Prime customers to try out the service in the form of a trial. Four games at a time are available to try without extra cost.

Ubisoft+ Channel: Similar to Prime Gaming, anyone with a Ubisoft+ subscription gets access to all of Ubisoft’s games on Amazon Luna. With dozens of games available, it offers a way for Ubisoft fans to play some of their games on the go, much like on Stadia. Access to The Ubisoft+ channel is $ 17,99 per month. If you have a Ubisoft+ subscription already, you can access this for free if you link your accounts.

Jackbox Games Channel: The latest channel to be added to Amazon Luna is the Jackbox Games channel, from publisher Jackbox Games. They are most known for the Jackbox Party Pack game series. All eight games are available on this channel, with an additional game from their repetoire. The Jackbox Party Pack games are excellent party games. The channel is available for $ 4,99 per month.