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The Swordsmen X: Survival

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Action RPG, Survival


Ancient China

Multiplayer Modes

Online Co-Op, Online Versus

Max Players Co-Op


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Dream Game Studio


Cube Game

Initial Release Year


Amazon Luna




GeForce Now

Yes (Steam)

PlayStation Plus Premium


Utomik Cloud


Xbox Game Streaming


Game description

It’s a martial art open world adventure game that combines survival and crafting. Built with Unreal 4 engine makes it perfect to collect, create, explore and manufacture in a world covering an area of 256 square kilometers. You need to sharpen your skills and adapt to the changeable environment in order to survive and fight back enemies. Building various ancient architectures and home of your own style, creating unique schools of martial art, discovering challenging levels and rich storylines, starting a new martial art career and eventually becoming a well-known martial art hero are all what you can do in this game.

Explore an open and well-crafted martial art world
Built with Unreal 4 engine, the game aims to present a lifelike open world with high-quality light and shadow effects, bringing a real martial art atmosphere. Classic scenes such as Honglian Temple, Jiangzhou City, and Niujiao Village will appear in the game in a new form, and are worthy of your time to fully immerse, in different atmosphere created by dynamic weather.

Survive is the key
Ruthlessness is the real color of this world. In this world, you need to store more food and make clothing through gathering and hunting, and need to learn such life skills as forging, weaving, carpentry, cooking, etc., to cope with the challenges brought by extremely hot and cold weather. In some cases, the challenge from natural environment is far more brutal than threats from enemies, the only way to win is to survive.

Skill acquisition and combination
The skill of flying over the wall, the martial art of using swords, and the method of using inner strength are scattered all over the world, and it requires you to dive into those dangerous cave and temples to get them. How to use them to help you survive and discover more places to solve puzzles all depend on you.

Creating your own martial art school
You may already be comfortable with the martial arts you have learned, thinking about starting your own school? No problem! You can use what you learnt to carry out various combinations according to the rule, while making it a changeable combat experience!

Use your mind as your weapon
Hand-to-hand combat is inevitable, while bow and arrow are also necessary. You may wield melee weapons to show your strength, while your enemy may use long-range weapons to control you. Maybe you will be able to repel the opponent by throwing objects in the last second, or you may get into a trap set by the enemy while chasing him. Your choice is the most powerful weapon!

Build homes and compete for territory
No matter how far you’ve gone, you will still need a place to rest. Give full use of your creativity and build your own homes brick by brick. But be beware of those monsters who intend to invade and enemies who try to steal your home as their own. Wisely choose the location of your home, set up traps, and always protect your territory.

Palace Sites Boss fight
There are many mysterious and underground palaces hidden for you to find. From the Loulan site in the northwest to the military base in the southeast, they are waiting for you to find out what is happening behind them. Defeat the boss guarding the underground palaces and find the buried treasure.

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