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Raiden IV x MIKADO remix

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Science Fiction

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NIS America

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Amazon Luna




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Yes (Steam)

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Utomik Cloud


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Game description

Shoot, Avoid, Roar, and more Pleasure.

The popular arcade and home-use shooting game “Raiden IV” is now available with a BGM remix by gorgeous artists produced by GameCenter Mikado! 16 BGM from all stages / boss + bonus tracks will be reborn with live music and new arrangements!
Participating artists: Sato Go band / HEAVY METAL RAIDEN / FANTOM IRIS / O.T.K./Soshi Hosoi / Daisuke Matsumoto / COSIO / Keishi Yonao

・ New elements unique to Mikado Remix
You can fully enjoy the new Raiden sound with the sound mode and stage BGM select function, including the switching function between the Mika Remix BGM set and the original BGM set! Furthermore, it also supports the vertical screen mode by rotating the monitor, reproducing the realism like a game center!

・ Full game mode
Completely reproduce the “Arcade Mode”, which is a complete port of the arcade, and the “Additional Mode” and “Overkill Mode”, which have additional stages for home use! Game modes such as “Boss Rush Mode” that fights against boss weapons and “Score Attack Mode” that approaches the score record limited to one stage have appeared in a row.

・ Players from all over the country will gather. Incandescent online features
In “World Ranking Mode”, players from all over the world can participate in rankings that are competitive. With the “replay publishing function” that allows you to publish your own play online, you can send a self-recorded play movie to the whole country and study the play of rivals. Use the online function to find your own strategy!

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