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Citizen Sleeper 2: Starward Vector

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Visual Novel


Science Fiction

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Jump Over The Age


Fellow Traveler

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Amazon Luna




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PlayStation Plus Premium


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Game description

You are a Sleeper, a corporate-owned android hiding out in the Starward Belt at the edge of the Helion System. After a desperate attempt to free yourself from servitude by rewriting the very code that governs your system, you are on the run with a malfunctioning body, a price on your head and no memory of your past.

You stole a ship and left the past behind. Keep it running, maintain it, even upgrade it, and maybe it will carry you away from all this. But you can’t run it alone. You’ll need a crew, and while the Belt is full of those looking for work, it’s also full of trouble. Can you hold the ship together through this crisis? Can you build a refuge here, among the stars?

There is a crisis unfolding in the Helion System. Two vast corporate entities are fighting a bitter, covert war, touching everything, even the Starward Belt. Waves of refugees, shattered hulks of warring ships, strange new technologies, all are washing up on the shore of the Belt. Navigate this shifting territory, take on contracts, get paid, and survive to see the next cycle.

Citizen Sleeper uses Tabletop RPG inspired systems to create a unique player-led experience. Each cycle you’ll roll a set of Dice that you can then spend to complete actions. The higher the die, the greater the chance of success.

This award-winning and acclaimed system will return in Citizen Sleeper 2: Starward Vector alongside all new systems and mechanics that will offer more depth, complexity and challenge.

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