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About PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is a cloud gaming platform from Sony. Traditionally, PlayStation is represent by hardware based consoles. PlayStation Now is a subscription service which offers a set amount of games for a monthly fee. Gamers with access to a PlayStation console even get the option to install select games from the catalogue on their local hardware besides streaming the game. Sony was one of the first major players in the games industry to get involved with game streaming. As early as 2012, Sony bought Gaikai. Gaikai was one of the pioneers of game steaming. This tech still lies at the foundation of PlayStation Now.

PlayStation Now offers a massive catalogue of games, second only to GeForce Now. The big difference is you get access to all these games for € 9,99 per month. PlayStation Now offers a broad range of games, from Playstation exclusives, arcade games, newer triple AAA games and tons of indie games. Recent years saw PlayStation Now grow less compared to it’s early years. According to rumors, a new service is planned by Sony to replace PlayStation now and to compete directly with Xbox GamePass.

The PlayStation Now catalogue refreshes monthly. A handful of games get added and some games get removed from the service. Bigger AAA titles usually stay for a few months at a time while indie games tend to stay. So far, games have not returned to the service yet. If a game has left PlayStation Now previously, you can see it on the game page. You can try out the service by going here.

PlayStation Now is only available on PS4, PS5 and PC.

In order to see the full catalogue PlayStation Now offers, click here.