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Cyber Knights: Flashpoint

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Strategy RPG


Cyberpunk, Post-Apocalypse

Multiplayer Modes


Max Players Co-Op


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Trese Brothers


Trese Brothers

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Amazon Luna




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No (Coming soon)

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Utomik Cloud


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Game description

A modern tactical RPG with some of our favourite elements: gridless movement, environmental cover, specialized overwatch, initiative manipulation and more. Independent enemy unit AI opens up a world of creative stealth options; pick them off one by one, stage diversions, or use advanced tech to sneak right by them.

Combat is challenging and in-depth. Powerful abilities, tricked out weapons, and smart coordination can give you an edge, but once you go loud expect things to escalate. Move fast and avoid getting pinned down to accomplish your objectives and get out alive.

Choose your jobs to build your rep without taking on too much heat. Work your network of underworld contacts to trade favors, pay bribes, and gain advantages before taking on a heist. Plan your path through multi-stage missions, and commit your crew to legwork that could reveal new opportunities or threats.

Balance factions, favors, reputation and more. Rivals, fixers, arms dealers and corporate big shots… who you work for, who you fail or betray, all of it can open and close opportunities for you. Watch your heat, and try to make sure more people owe you than the other way around.

Extensive talent trees, multiclassing, weapon modding, safehouse upgrades, evolving character traits and more combine to give players endless ways to build a crew that can take on any job. Rich visual & naming customization lets you personalize any of your characters.

Your squad members evolve as you play, shaped by your choices, their injuries, interactions, even their presence on some missions. Inspired by years of tabletop RPGs, our custom-built Casting Director story engine uses all this information to choose and place squad members and NPCs into world events and storylines it selects for you on each playthrough. Who will end up a betrayer, a friend in need, or the villain this time? Create new squads, discover new stories, and watch how your choices make it all fit together.

The ecosystem has collapsed. Only 112 cities remain, sheltering under massive domes or inside of mountains. Artificial consciousness has been created, killed, and outlawed at a global level. Megacorporations, nanotech and quantum computing have radically altered the world… and your character is one of the few equipped to handle it.

Trese Brothers Games makes deep, highly-replayable strategy games & RPGs. Cyber Knights: Flashpoint is our 9th and best yet, made possible by our dedicated fans and player support from our previous games. We’re long-time fans of cyberpunk and are thrilled to bring together both a fresh take and so many of the genre’s classic themes around some of our favorite gameplay.

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