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Decay of Logos

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Action RPG, Soulslike


High Fantasy

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Max Players Co-Op


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Amplify Creations


Rising Star Games

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Amazon Luna




GeForce Now


PlayStation Plus Premium


Utomik Cloud


Xbox Game Streaming


Game description

Embark on an epic journey of revenge and betrayal in Decay of Logos, an immersive adventure game set in a dark and treacherous world. After your village is destroyed by the ruthless Crimson Knights, you must find solace in the company of a mystical elk companion as you battle unforgiving foes and uncover the truth behind the attack.

In this third-person action adventure RPG, player exploration takes center stage with minimal hand-holding. Prepare for challenging combat that rewards strategic thinking and precise execution. Utilize a wide range of short and long-range weapons, each with unique move sets, combos, and ancient magic. But beware, as a dark and corrupting force lurks within the realm, turning both friend and foe into adversaries.

Set in a divided kingdom once ruled by a warring King, Decay of Logos presents a semi-open world ripe for exploration. Traverse lush woodlands, great howling rifts, degraded swamps, ancestral grounds, and many more unique locations. Experience a living world where mystical beings and giants roam, requiring you to solve ancestral environmental puzzles to clear your path. Along the way, encounter charismatic NPCs who offer crucial pieces of lore, guidance, and valuable items.

Strengthen your bond with your elk companion to solve environmental puzzles and unveil sinister mysteries. Dive deep into the rich lore and engage with intricate voice-acted narratives that will keep you guessing until the very end. With its far-reaching ancestral high-fantasy world, Decay of Logos offers an immersive experience like no other.

The adventure begins as you venture into the outskirts of the Laetus grove. Discover that appearances can be deceiving as strange and hostile dwellers patrol this land with vacant eyes and wooden bodies. Lock onto enemies for a more tactical approach, mastering the art of parrying, dodging, and counter-attacking. Utilize your secondary inventory to store an array of weapons, defense gear, and potions, carefully planning your battles ahead.

With its minimalistic interface and reliance on environmental cues and dialogue, Decay of Logos invites players to immerse themselves fully in the game world. Witness Ada’s physical state through detailed animations that showcase all her gear and items. Leveling is automated, adapting to your play style as Ada gains stats from defeating enemies, activating mechanisms, or discovering secret chests.

So, equip your weapons, strengthen your bond, and embark on a quest for revenge in Decay of Logos.

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