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Action, MOBA


High Fantasy

Multiplayer Modes

Online Co-Op, Online Versus

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Amazon Luna




GeForce Now


PlayStation Plus Premium


Utomik Cloud


Xbox Game Streaming


Game description

About Warlander
Sharpen your blades and ready your warhammers. Join an army of up to 100 players and battle each other in action-packed, player vs. player skirmishes and epic castle sieges with the ultimate goal of breaking into the enemy’s stronghold, destroying their Core, and claiming victory for you and your allies!

Innovative Genre Hybrid
Combining elements of MOBA, RPG and Hack & Slash, Warlander offers an action-packed battle experience you haven’t seen before. Compete with up to 100 players in a stylish medieval fantasy world, marked by war over magical entities, known as Cores. Capture towers for faster redeployment and awaken cataclysmic idols such as scale meteors, storms and battle robots to turn the tides of war in your favor.

Multi-layered Gameplay
Control tactical choke points, destroy the enemy’s defenses and build mighty siege weapons. A true Warlander maneuvers skillfully across the battlefield and works in unison with their squad to outsmart and overpower any resistance. A deep combat system turns every encounter into a battle of wits. Make use of blocks, guard breaks, parry counters, critical strikes and combo attacks at the right time to overcome any opponent.

Action Driven Tactics
Your chances of victory greatly depend on how well you perform as a team. Vote on your preferred strategy before each battle and join a squad, each with its own mission. Defense squads protect your castle, build anti-siege weaponry and pay close attention to enemy positions and movement – dealing with each timely and appropriately. Assault squads are all about infiltrating enemy castles. Find a way through your foes’ defenses and destroy the enemy Core. As part of the Special Ops squad, you continuously analyze the state of battle and react flexibly to new threats and opportunities.

Power to play your way
You are an immortal champion fighting under your Warlord’s banner for control over magical lands and powers. For each battle, you have the ability to inhabit one of up to five different vessels of your design both in appearance and battle skills, otherwise known as your deck. Each deck is different and unique. Build your decks according to your personal strategy and pick the one that best suits your army before the start of each battle. Your successes on the battlefield will not go unnoticed and each display of valor is rewarded. Gaining new valor titles allows you to use better armor, weapons, skills, and talents and diversify your unique selection of decks.

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