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To a T

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Modern Day

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Annapurna Interactive

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Amazon Luna




GeForce Now


PlayStation Plus Premium


Utomik Cloud


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No (Coming Soon)

Game description

to a T is a 3D narrative adventure game developed by Keita Takahashi and the uvula team, with a strong focus on character, interaction, story and exploration. Play as a teenager (Teen), with a unique posture just trying to live a normal life in a small coastal town. Explore the town along with the help of Teen’s loyal dog and loving mother. While going to school and contending with bullies, Teen discovers a new ability granted to them by their extraordinary posture, and they start to uncover more about their mysterious lineage.

Key Features:

● Episodic Story: Take part in a story that unfolds over multiple days while Teen finds a way to fit in, and discovers a new found sense of self.

● Minigames: Control Teen in a variety of different scenarios that they encounter throughout their day. Maneuver Teen’s arm to reach for and interact with objects. Open Teen’s mouth to take a bite of food or a drink of water. From petting a dog, to eating breakfast, Teen can do a lot even if they have to do it in their own way.

● Explore town: Outside of the main story, collect coins, find a beautiful vista point, visit all the shops around town, or hunt for interesting characters around town to talk to in free mode.

● Character customization: Style Teen to your own liking. Purchase clothing from stores around town to expand your wardrobe and experiment with fun clothing combinations.

● A very cute dog.

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