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Action, Horror


Modern Day

Multiplayer Modes

Online Co-Op, Online Versus

Max Players Co-Op


Max Players Versus



Lost Frame Development


Lost Frame Development

Initial Release Year


Amazon Luna




GeForce Now

Yes (Steam)

PlayStation Plus Premium


Utomik Cloud


Xbox Game Streaming


Game description

StrangerZ is a Free to Play Multiplayer Survival Horror game. Survive the “Stranger” until dawn with your teammates or play as it. Level up your stats and rank by either surviving or killing all players.


Group up with friends or other players in this fun immersive horror game. Select your lobby size ranging from 1v1 to 3v1. One player from your lobby will randomly be selected at the start of a game to play as the Stranger. The other player(s) will be “Survivors” and have to defend the house from 12am to 6am. The game ends once the “Stranger” gets past the “Survivors” defenses and kills them or if the “Survivors” survive until 6am. Every time you win a game you will earn rewards that can be used on a variety of in-game items.

  • “Survivor” Gameplay:

    Survivors will be have to work together to defend their home from the Stranger. The survivors will be given 2 locks to share as a team at the start of the game that can be placed on the windows and picked up along with one permalock that can’t be picked up. You must use your equipment which includes spotlights, security system, locks and more to find where the Stranger is attacking and lock that window before its to late. If you successfully lock the window in time don’t rest for long because the Stranger will come again. You must survive until 6am.

  • “Stranger” Gameplay:

    At the beginning of each round a player from the lobby will be selected to play the Stranger. Your goal is to break into the house and kill all of the Survivors. The Stranger picks a window at the start of every “attack” and will have to weave through the yard of the house and try to reach the window undetected. Different sabotage abilities such as cutting power to the house, are at the Strangers disposable but must be used wisely.

  • Ranked/Competition:

    By winning/loosing games you will gain/loose ZR (rank points), your ZR will determine the skill level of other players you play and determine your rank which resets every season. Become the best in StrangerZ

  • Progression/Player Upgrades:

    Earn XP after winning as either the Stranger or Survivor to increase your player level and unlock special equipment, XP can not be purchased and removes ability for pay to win to exist.

  • Immersive Graphics/Atmosphere:

    Realistic graphics and spatial audio will have you on your toes and your game running smoothly with the new UNREAL ENGINE 5 next-gen engine giving you peak quality with little performance risk.

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