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Stones Keeper: King Aurelius

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Turn Based Strategy


High Fantasy

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Max Players Co-Op


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SK Team


Valkyrie Initiative

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Amazon Luna




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Yes (Steam)

PlayStation Plus Premium


Utomik Cloud


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Game description

Free prequel to the main campaign!
The story of King Aurelius’s courage and self-sacrifice

The story of King Aurelius’s courage and self-sacrifice – leader of the Order of the Griffin. The Inquisition, guarding the borderlands, asks for help as undead units are increasingly infiltrating the territory of the order. Aurelius takes on the task of protecting his own lands, unaware that this is only a small part of what his entire Order will face in the future.

The Order of the Griffin has at its disposal a floating island-fortress on which its castle sits. As you develop your castle, you will have the opportunity to hire new warriors, equip them with weapons, armor, and elixirs. You can upgrade the castle’s core systems to fight off pirate ships, artillery, and other flying islands. While moving your castle around the map, you explore and participate in story quests, discover ancient ruins, secrets, rewards, and artifacts.

Stones Keeper uses a turn-based combat system, which lets you use environmental objects as protection against your enemies. As well as the ability to break some of the environmental objects down to move faster, which, in turn, opens up a lot of strategic possibilities.
You can customize your squad by recruiting new companions with multiple specializations, skills and weapon preferences. Missions and battles will be just as diverse: Command your warriors to besiege enemy settlements or defend yours, protect your order’s churches, escort civilian wagons, lay siege to enemy castles, aid your allies, and capture new technologies to upgrade your castle.


  • Explore a world filled with secrets, mysterious lands, dangerous creatures and unexpected discoveries.
  • Immerse yourself in the epic story of King Aurelius with a single-player campaign spanning over 1+ hours, consisting of 8 missions full of intrigue, action, and tension.
  • Manage your own flying castle, fight other castles, unlock upgrades, and develop its systems.
  • Build your own formidable army and discover the fate of King Aurelius.

Defend the Order’s lands and uncover the beginning of the Order’s great history.

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