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Shadow Blade: Reload

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2D Platformer, Action



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Dead Mage


Dead Mage

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Amazon Luna




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Game description

Get ready to unleash your inner ninja in Shadow Blade: Reload!

This action-packed 2D platformer combines ancient teachings with a modern twist. Set in a visually striking world, the clash of ninjas and samurais unfolds on a landscape filled with traps and enemies, daring you to sprint through stages and slay with an unmatched precision as Kuro, the blade of shadow.

In an otherwise chaotic and dark world, the balance teeters on chaos as three clans engage in an all-out violent struggle for dominance. Amidst the darkness, Kuro carries the weight of recovering the whole medallion and with it evoking equilibrium once more. Only Kuro’s blood-stained hands can ascertain the fate of the world.

Key Features:

  • Epic NINJA Platforming: Put your skills to the test in supremely fast-paced platforming, boasting ninja-like abilities that will make challenging levels feel like a breeze.
  • Vicious NINJA Combat: Unleash extreme prejudice upon your enemies as you master the katana, shurikens, and kusarigama. Eliminate foes without warning… for they should never see what strikes them.
  • Shadow Ninja: Triumph over guards before they even lay eyes on you. Sneakily avoid detection and stealthily attack enemies without jeopardizing your progress.
  • Story Campaign: Immerse yourself in a tale told through fully voiced motion comics. Revel in every interwoven moment as the epic journey of Kuro unfolds, searching and restoring lasting balance.
  • More than 50 Challenging Levels: Brace yourself as the unreal challenges begin: deadly environmental hazards, menacing rifle-toting warriors, and many other merciless adversaries await seasoned ninjas.
  • Level Secrets: Raw speed won’t guarantee you the highest rank like a true ninja. Only with acute vigilance can you unveil possibly hidden areas, optimizing your gameplay potential.
  • Ninja = Hardcore: Have you triumphed in the normal campaign released? Brace yourself for an even more impressive “Hardcore” variant, designed only for the battle-tested. But beware, if you believe you truly possess unparalleled fearlessness, there’s a “Master Class” version waiting to expose the ultimate foolhardy ninja.

For fans of action-rich 2D platformers, Shadow Blade: Reload promises momentous, masterful gameplay matched with an enthralling tale pivot!

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