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Killer Frequency Review

Killer Frequency is a new horror title with a retro spin. The story unfolds during a late-night shift at a radio station. Focusing on Forrest Nash, a former renowned radio host who now finds himself relegated to a small town’s late-night slot. Struggling with his loss of popularity, Forrest despises reaching only 25 listeners when he was once accustomed to millions. His routine with producer Peggy takes an unexpected turn when a distressed police dispatcher contacts the station, reporting an attack and the murder of the sheriff. Read on for our Killer Frequency review.

911, what’s your emergency?

With the sole deputy injured and no outside help available, quick thinking becomes crucial.  Forrest and Peggy must assist Leslie, who defends herself against the assailant and secures the cruiser’s keys. She entrusts Forrest and Peggy with the task of acting as 911 dispatchers while she seeks assistance from a neighboring police department, a journey that may take hours. Throughout the night, the legend of the Whistling Man, a long-presumed killer from the past, resurfaces, terrorizing the tranquil town. Forrest must unravel the truth behind the murders and the Whistling Man while helping the town’s residents fend off their attackers.

As the night progresses, various residents call in for help, relying on Forrest to guide them through their unique and harrowing encounters. Each call contributes to the overarching legend of the town, gradually piecing together a captivating mystery. Amidst the suspense, dark humor weaves in and out, leaving Forrest torn between laughter and sorrow as he endeavors to save every caller. From start to finish, the story captivates with its intriguing premise, offering a gripping and unforgettable experience.

Narrative focused

While the gameplay mechanics lean toward the less interactive side, they effectively complement the game’s narrative. Players engage in limited interactions, such as conversing with characters and utilizing items found within Forrest’s office, such as maps, lists, and notes. Some choices impose time constraints, enhancing the urgency and quick thinking required to navigate critical situations. However, there are instances when the lack of urgency diminishes the tension, detracting slightly from the overall immersion. Nonetheless, the simplicity of the gameplay mechanics doesn’t hinder the well-crafted storytelling, allowing players to focus on making impactful choices and selecting records to play on-air, occasionally injecting humorous moments into the gameplay. While the mechanics may be straightforward, they serve the purpose well.

The essence of the 80’s

Killer Frequency boasts visually stunning aesthetics, meticulously recreating a retro atmosphere. The development team dedicated themselves to capturing the essence of the ’80s, transporting players to an era when neon lights and vibrant colors reigned supreme. The studio’s design, painstakingly authentic, immerses players in a DJ’s booth straight out of that era. The vibrant color palette, primarily featuring purple, yellow, and other neon-centric hues, breathes life into the environment. The meticulous attention to detail strikes a balance between the bright lights and darker tones, preventing visual overload and creating a unique and eye-catching visual experience. Killer Frequency stands out with its nostalgic and retro neon vibe, exuding authenticity throughout.

The audio in Killer Frequency deserves special praise. As the DJ, players have control over the music, which significantly impacts the game’s tone. Silence reigns when a track is not played, heightening the tension and emphasizing the importance of music selection. Unexpected shifts in the soundtrack, triggered by turning off the record player, intensify scenes and unsettle players by removing their sense of control. The audio design adds depth and enhances immersion, showcasing the game’s unique approach to player agency.


My experience with Killer Frequency was simply remarkable. The story unfolded as an enthralling mystery, steeped in nostalgia for a bygone era. The game’s overall execution was masterful, delivering an immersive period piece that kept me engaged throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the game, from the captivating storyline to the meticulous visuals and innovative audio design. Killer Frequency is an exceptional gaming experience that I highly recommend.


Engaging Premise

Compelling Mystery

Character Development

Nostalgic Atmosphere


Minimal Gameplay Interactions

Limited Exploration

Lack of External Influence

Grade: 8

That was it for our Killer Frequency review. Killer Frequency is available through GeForce Now. Be sure to follow us on Twitter right here.