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Planned Features

The intention is to let the Cloud Gaming Catalogue be an evolving platform, expanding it over the coming months. Features which are striked through have been implemented. The current planned features, in no specific order, are:

  • Cross-play tag: A new tag for all games supporting cross-play.
  • Kids friendly tag: A new tag for games you can play with your kids
  • Free To Play tag: A new tag for Free To Play Games. This only applies to GeForce Now and Stadia, as these are the only platforms offering true Free To Play games.
  • Co-Op Campaign tag: A new tag for co-op games that allow players to enjoy the main story content together.
  • Setting attribute: A new searchable attribute per game regarding the setting. For example sci-fi, medieval, high fantasy.
  • Open World tag: A new tag to define open world games
  • Games you may like..: Every game will offer atleast three games that you may like. Based on a combination of Genre, Developer, Platform, Gameplay.
  • Boosteroid Platform: Boosteroid as a cloud platform will be added.
  • Black Nut Platform: Black Nut as a cloud platform will be added.
  • Utomik Platform: Utomik as a cloud platform will be added, once they allow games to be fully streamed.
  • Time Management genre: Adding a time management genre, such as Overcooked
  • Life Simulation genre: Adding a life simulation genre, such as Harvest Moon.
  • Base Building genre: Adding the base building genre, for games which offer base building
  • Side scrolling games: Splitting the 2D Platformer/Action games into Side Scrolling Shooters, Side Scrolling Action and 2D Platformer games.
  • Zeldalike genre: Adding a new genre to define 2D action games which are similar to the original zelda games, called Zeldalike’s
  • Soulslike genre: Adding the Soulslike genre
  • Recommend a game: Allowing users to recommend games
  • Add to your backlog: Allowing users to add games to your backlog, so you can keep a list of cloud games you want to play.
  • Metacritic and Howlongtobeat integration: Integration with the API’s of Metacritic and Howlongtobeat
  • General improvements

If you have any suggestions for planned futures, be sure to send an e-mail to