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The Darkside Detective A Fumble in the Dark

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Point & Click Adventure



Multiplayer Modes


Max Players Co-Op


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Spooky Doorway


Akupara Games

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Amazon Luna




GeForce Now


PlayStation Plus Premium


Utomik Cloud


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Game description

Twin Lakes is a cursed city. Less cursed than say, ‘Demons are tearing it apart’ but more cursed than ‘always loses its keys’ or ‘often steps in puddles’. It’s roughly in the middle of the cursed scale, is what we’re trying to say.

Cursed enough that it’s a nuisance. Cursed enough that somebody has to deal with it?

That’s where The Darkside Detective comes in. Whenever you hear a bump in the night, feel a tingle up your spine, or smell something fishy, Detective Francis McQueen isn’t far behind.

No, he doesn’t smell of fish – it’s a phrase, come on…

Picking up after the events of The Darkside Detective, McQueen has to save his usually-present (in body, if not mind) sidekick Officer Dooley from the Darkside, so the two can get back to what they do best – investigating the city’s many strange, often paranormal, always paradoxical goings-on.

Join them in this frighteningly funny point-and-click adventure as they investigate six more standalone cases bringing them to a carnival, the local retirement home, an amateur wrestling circuit and even as far away as Ireland as they do what they can to keep the Darkside at bay.

Feature List

– 6 unique cases, the likes of which you’ve never seen before (not a guarantee)

– Uses both pointing and clicking technology

– Music from Thomas O’Boyle, a totally-living composer, definitely not undead

– Photo-Realistic* Pixel Rendering (*Depends on your definition of photo-realism)

– 1 mail-in rebate per customer on exorcism services for hauntings resulting from play

– A brief recap of the events of “The Darkside Detective” for anyone who hasn’t played it and doesn’t want to

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