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Syphon Filter 2


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Third Person Shooter


Modern Day

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Bend Studio


Sony Interactive Entertainment

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Amazon Luna




GeForce Now


PlayStation Plus Premium

Yes (Catalogue)

Utomik Cloud


Xbox Game Streaming


Game description

The sequel to the spy shooter Syphon Filter, Syphon Filter 2 features two main characters, Gabe Logan and Lian Xing, who are required to stop the sale of the Syphon Filter (the world’s deadliest weapon) to an enemy nation. Starting off as prisoners, they must escape and prove their innocence to the world. Much like Metal Gear Solid, several plot twists and conspiracies are to be expected.

Now, rather than just one character, you are given a second commando to work with. Lian Xing brings with her new weapons and is playable on no less than eight of the games 20-plus levels spanning three unique environments. The levels are designed to be larger and more detailed than the previous version.

Two-player deathmatches are now part of the campaign and offer a new style of play to Syphon Filter fans. Deathmatches can be played on each of the game’s levels and there are 28 characters to choose from (a la GoldenEye 007), in an effort to enhance the replay value of the game.

Eidetic and 989 Studios have included an array of weapons this time around, offering even more firepower than in the original (25 weapons in all). An M16 assault rifle, flamethrower, silenced 9mm, handguns, sniper rifles, automatic shotguns, M79 grenade launcher, night vision rifle, tear gas, crossbow, and a combat knife are all at your disposal.

Rather than saving the game at the completion of each level, save points have been incorporated throughout. Each level is bigger and more detailed than in the first version and this addition of save points will undoubtedly prove itself important.

New targeting modes are available to make it a bit more convenient to blast commandos while running for cover. Default, manual, and target lock modes will increase or decrease the amount of control you have over your character’s aiming, allowing both novice and advanced gamers to customize the gameplay experience.

Bosses, as in the first Syphon Filter, were designed to be bigger and meaner than ever. Now that the new targeting and save systems have been implemented, players can save the game close to these encounters, lock onto the target with their weapon’s crosshairs, then roll, climb, or run about in hopes of destroying the enemy forces.

Syphon Filter 2 features the same game engine as that of the original (as most would expect being a sequel), and includes support for analog control, vibration feedback, and the memory card to save progress and unlocked characters.

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