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Operation Harsh Doorstop

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First Person Shooter


Modern Day

Multiplayer Modes

Online Co-Op, Online Versus

Max Players Co-Op


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Drakeling Labs


Drakeling Labs

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Amazon Luna



Yes (Steam)

GeForce Now


PlayStation Plus Premium


Utomik Cloud


Xbox Game Streaming


Game description

What is Operation: Harsh Doorstop?

Operation: Harsh Doorstop is a completely free and donation funded Unreal Engine project with full support for modifications, single-player play, co-operative play, competitive multiplayer play, and Steam workshop! Our game is similar to other mod-friendly games like Ravenfield and Garry’s Mod but with roots in military simulation games like Squad and Arma III. This means while the base un-modified game will play more like Squad or Insurgency: Sandstorm, modified versions of the game can be like anything else you can imagine.

How much does Operation: Harsh Doorstop cost?

Operation: Harsh Doorstop is a free game. Our community members can donate to help fund development, but we still believe in making our game freely accessible to everyone. Not only is this important to us as a statement against corporate greed, but we also feel that game communities are healthier (and larger) when games are more accessible.

Is this game a tactical shooter?

Operation: Harsh Doorstop has strong roots in tactical shooter games such as Project Reality, Squad, and Red Orchestra (including multiple developers from those projects who have also worked on this game) however Operation: Harsh Doorstop has a much stronger emphasis on mod-ability and flexibility (similar to games such as Arma.) Ultimately we encourage everyone to play the game as you’d prefer to play it, and we intend to continue implementing additional parameters that allow players to customize their experience to their own liking.

When will Operation: Harsh Doorstop be finished?

As long as the community continues to donate and support our development, Operation: Harsh Doorstop will be continually updated. Moreover, we have built Operation: Harsh Doorstop in such a way that even if development ceases at any point, the community could continue developing it independently through Steam Workshop. The goal is to create a game that lasts forever.

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