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Little Brother Jim

Paul’s little brother Jim passed away a year ago today. Now Paul goes for a walk up to the hill where they spent their last night, watching the fireworks around the city. On the way there, he stops by some randomly placed magical mailboxes filled with notes from his gone brother Jim, from the other side. Jim loved a jeep parking video game in his life but got stuck at its final level.

Little Brother Jim alternates between the jeep parking game, and Paul’s journey up to the hill. Note that the jeep parking levels can be challenging to some, but they are skippable after each few fails. On the other hand, if you want to focus more on the parking levels, and spend less on exploration bits, you can skip reading the notes and that will make it take a short while on the exploration levels.

However it’s suggested that you to take your time and inspect every detail of the game since it has been made with a lot of attention on each so you’ll see things are connected while they seem not to be so.

  • Highly immersive exploration levels with choices at their ends that make a difference at the end of the game
  • Colorful and fun jeep parking levels that gradually increase in difficulty
  • An emotional storyline that gradually reveals itself via a series of letters found in mailboxes
  • Charming music that accompanies the emotional plot
  • Atmospheric sound designed to carry the player through the highs and lows of their journey
  • Dynamic weather effects such as rain, snow and fog
  • Approachable gameplay at exploration levels, with light puzzle elements
  • Some cute easter eggs to be found through careful world exploration



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