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Knights in Tight Spaces

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Cards, Turn Based Strategy



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Max Players Co-Op


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Ground Shatter


Raw Fury

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Amazon Luna




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PlayStation Plus Premium


Utomik Cloud


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Game description

Knights in Tight Spaces is a tactical deckbuilding game in the same universe as Fights in Tight Spaces, the successful game by Ground Shatter. It is a standalone title that sends us back to medieval times, building on the much-loved gameplay in new and dynamic ways, while maintaining the same stylish look-and-feel and thrilling animated fight sequences.

Knights in Tight Spaces’ battles have a striking and stylish appearance, with strong action-movie visual effects and animations. Fight your way through challenging scenarios packed with enemies, while you vibe with the elegant soundtrack.

Winning is not just a matter of playing your best hand, but also learning how to control the environment. You’ll have to position your characters carefully around enemies and obstacles, making sure that you keep your tactical advantage. Don’t lose sight of your pool of momentum and combo points to release powerful special moves!

Recruit new characters and assemble your party as you travel and reveal new areas in the procedural map, unveiling the mystery of the secret society that has hired you. Discover team-up abilities and experiment with deck combinations. But remember, always be careful with who you choose and who you reject in your team! Friend or foe, sometimes they are just two sides of the same coin…

With 300 cards, different classes and gear to equip, and the upgrading system, Knights in Tight Spaces offers you countless hours of deckbuilding fun, whether you are an experienced turn-based tactician or new to the genre.

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