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4X, Cards, Turn Based Strategy



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Main Tank Software


Yogscast Games

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Amazon Luna




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Yes (Steam)

PlayStation Plus Premium


Utomik Cloud


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Game description

Hexarchy combines the best elements from deckbuilders, 4X strategy, and hex-based board games to create a truly unique experience.

Build a deck to your own style, playing cards from your hand to perform actions on the board. Construct on your hexes to collect resources and broaden your empire, or play technology cards to expand your deck. Develop an economy which fuels your objectives, balancing the happiness of your civilization with the demands of war.

Play Hexarchy your way! –

with a variety of Singleplayer game modes, including Skirmish, and daily and weekly challenges and more. Or enjoy multiplayer with your friends or other players from around the world.

Easy to learn. Deep, deep strategy.

  • Feel right at home with familiar 4X game concepts.
  • Build cities, armies, wonders, and improvements with your cards.
  • Discover other civilizations in a procedurally-generated world.
  • Research technologies and adopt civics to access new unit, building, and ability cards.
  • Strategically destroy cards to tailor your deck to the situation
  • Adapt your tactics: is an enemy city too well defended? Take their food supply to starve them instead. Can’t defeat an invading army in the field? Try cutting off their supply lines.

Simple, compelling combat system

  • 10 civilizations, all with unique abilities
  • Trade resources on a global market
  • Customize your units using promotions
  • Use your military units to capture any hex
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