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Science Fiction

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Brightrock Games


Cult Games

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Amazon Luna




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No (Coming 23-05-2024)

Game description

Welcome to Galacticare – the only intergalactic healthcare company which actually cures injuries and illnesses, rather than causing them to bloat their own KPIs!

Build Your Hospital

  • Design, furnish, and upgrade your hospital while you manage an onslaught of horrendously diseased patients.
  • Hire doctors with distinct traits and backgrounds and balance them to make a highly effective hospital.
  • Keep everyone relatively content by satisfying their various needs; nutrition, claustrophobic spaces, micturition, art, postmodern art, and many other demands.
  • Build and improve experimental treatment facilities to scale with the ever-evolving problems of running a hospital.
  • Play through the campaign or enter sandbox mode, where you can take your time to make your hospital as handsome and efficient as possible.

Gather Your Crew

  • Meet and recruit a variety of unique characters; a DJ, a big-veg farmer, a fungus-addled monk, and many others – all of whom, confusingly enough, are expert surgeons.
  • Explore their mechanics, levelling choices, and personalities over the course of an extensive campaign.
  • Take your choice of consultants with you between scenarios, developing their skills and learning more about their personal histories.
  • Combine their mechanics carefully to make the most of your hospital, or solve particularly tricky challenges.

Save The Galaxy

  • Encounter a broad range of species and their very particular needs and desires.
  • From tiny, biomechanical lemurs, to starship-sized spacefarers, to entire planets, take on patients of all shapes and sizes.
  • Discover, research, and (ideally) treat the many ways the body can be struck by disaster.
  • Develop your relationship with each species, earning rewards from their respective cultures.
  • Provide healthcare for musical festivals, deep-space prisons, communal space farms, and industrial disasters as you progress into ever-more challenging scenarios.

One Patient At A Time

  • Upgrade rooms, analyse the thoughts of everyone aboard your station, purchase unique equipment from a colossal wandering trader, and maximise your efficiency to reap the rewards of healthcare excellence.
  • Acquire and utilise an arsenal of additional tools and equipment to boost your hospital’s effectiveness, from holographic doctors, to short-range teleporters, to subspace portals which invite even more problems into your facilities.
  • Use every tool and tactic at your disposal to improve your Hospital Rating – the only metric that truly matters.

Galacticare takes you on a colourful and bizarre journey – from the company’s humble beginnings orbiting 23rd-century Earth, to the internal world of an extra-dimensional deity, and everything in-between. It’s time to save the galaxy – one patient at a time!

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