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Dungeon Tycoon

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Dark Fantasy

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Lunheim Studios


Goblinz Studios

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Amazon Luna




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PlayStation Plus Premium


Utomik Cloud


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Game description

In Dungeon Tycoon, you have complete freedom to build and manage your own dungeon. You not only design the layout, but choose the best places for whatever traps you decide to use, which monsters you will hire to face the heroes, and what treasures await those skilled enough to claim victory. Dungeon Tycoon is all about capitalizing on every second of every hero’s adventure in your mighty dungeon.

Lure adventurers into your evil dungeon by summoning mighty foes, building huge and curious rooms, and a maze of deceptive opportunities. Watch how they perform and optimize every inch of your genius design. Ensure they don’t go back empty-handed, so they keep coming back.

If your dungeon is a company, then your monsters are the employees. Summon unique monsters and attract groups of heroes to test their strength.

Create clever layouts, sell valuable items to heroes, and find the perfect balance between efficiency and quality. There are many different ways to make money in Dungeon Tycoon. Will you be able to keep your evil dungeon business going?



  • Create and design a devious dungeon to give the heroes from across the land an exciting adventure experience.
  • Summon and upgrade powerful creatures to challenge heroes in their pursuit to find the treasures that lay within the dungeon.
  • Research new stuff to unlock new ways of improving your dungeon.
  • Enhance the aesthetics of your dungeon with a variety of different decorative and cosmetic items.
  • Inspect and watch your visitors to see how you can further improve your design.
  • Sell potions and other various aids to your visitors.
  • Complete quests and unlock a bunch of vanity objects to show off your progression.
  • …and more to be announced.
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