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Death In The Water 2

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First Person Shooter


Modern Day

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Online Co-Op

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Lighthouse Games Studio


Lighthouse Games Studio

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Amazon Luna




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Yes (Steam)

PlayStation Plus Premium


Utomik Cloud


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Game description


Beware the waters, they hide a mysterious and terrifying threat. Death, an ancient Kraken leviathan haunts your every move in this tense underwater horror survival game. Fight to survive using powerful weapons and upgrades as you explore a beautiful yet treacherous underwater world.

Gameplay Modes

  • Campaign: Unveil a captivating storyline through challenging missions.
  • Survival (Horde Mode): Face endless waves of enemies.
  • Free Roam: Explore the open seascape without the threat of being attacked
  • New Game +: Take on tougher challenges


Death in the Water 2 blends the heart-pounding action of a wave-based shooter with spine-chilling horror and tension.
Explore each dive cautiously, uncovering treasures and collectibles while acclimating to the surroundings. As you investigate ruins, wrecks, and reefs, the tension escalates. The marine life mirrors real behavior, with sharks and creatures remaining passive unless provoked.

Lurking in the depths of every dive is Death, also known as the Kraken. Its sinister mind-control sets off a frenzy of feeding, focusing ruthlessly on you. Your mission: survive, achieve your objectives, and progress to the next Dive. As the difficulty intensifies, the fusion of tension and action becomes utterly addictive.

Open World

Death in the Water features a large open-underwater world map for you to discover during dives.Explore wrecks, reefs, caves, ruins, and terrifying open waters that will test your thalassophobia.

Find hidden treasures and other secrets to help you on your quest to take on the Kraken.


Death in the Water 2 has an extensive list of incredibly lifelike procedurally animated creatures, both real and fantasy based. Enemies will navigate through the world reacting realistically to the environment as they hunt you down using sight, sound, or scent to find you.

Weapons and Gear

In your arsenal, you will have access to a host of weapons and gear that you can unlock and upgrade.These include Chum Grenades, High Powered Sniper Spearguns and Shotguns.

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