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Creatures of Ava

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Action, Adventure



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Inverge Studios


11 bit studios

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Amazon Luna




GeForce Now


PlayStation Plus Premium


Utomik Cloud


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No (Coming Soon)

Game description


  • Join a young nature explorer, Vic, on her expedition to planet Ava
  • Explore 4 distinct and colorful ecosystems bustling with life
  • Tame over 20 wild creatures with the music of a special flute
  • Meet the naam, Ava’s inhabitants, and learn their unique customs
  • Save the planet’s inhabitants from an infection called “the withering”
  • Help Vic solve the secrets of Ava and her own troubled past

Can you save a life?

Welcome to Creatures of Ava, a unique creature-saver game inviting you to explore a world brimming with wild beings. Instilling joy and wonder, they provide a unique bond that enables you to utilize their skills for traversing the planet and solving environmental challenges. Once peaceful creatures, they now succumb to an unknown infection driving them to behave aggressively, which makes your mission to save them an urgent necessity.

Exploration-driven Gameplay

The gameplay encourages curiosity-driven exploration of its distinct ecosystems—such as the colorful Nari jungle or mysterious Mâruba swamp—creating an interconnected world. With non-aggressive combat mechanics designed for healing rather than defeating and indigenous Flute melodies that you play to tame creatures, the game further highlights the creature-saver nature of the experience.

Meaningful Narrative

Step into the shoes of Vic, a 22-year-old nature adventurer as she navigates through the immersive expedition alongside Tabitha, a composed and astute researcher. Together, you confront the recurring infection—called “the withering” by the local race of Naam—threatening Ava’s inhabitants. The game’s narrative, co-created by Rhianna Pratchett, is a journey of wonder and mystery but also discovery, leading to the revelation of the planet’s captivating secrets.

Saving Through Understanding

Creatures of Ava is a game featuring a dense, populated world of rich ecosystems filled with creatures that play a vital role in the planet’s natural balance. It goes beyond traditional creature-related genres, offering a deeper understanding and connection with the things you’ll encounter on Ava. Once you come to understand the true meaning of the infection, you will be challenged to step out of the human-centric point of view and learn about the real toll it takes to preserve the primal beauty at the very roots of Ava.

After all, can you save something you don’t understand?

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