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Multiplayer Modes

Online Co-Op, Online Versus

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Playful Corp.


Throwback Entertainment

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Amazon Luna




GeForce Now

Yes (Steam)

PlayStation Plus Premium


Utomik Cloud


Xbox Game Streaming


Game description

Go on a journey into the uncharted depths of creativity!

Creativerse is one of the best-rated sandbox adventure/building games on Steam. It is free-to-play with a fair approach to monetization that keeps the core gameplay 100% free. Join the millions of players across the globe who choose Creativerse!

An enormous, reactive world

Begin your journey in your own private world, with a horizon stretching for days in every direction. Discover exotic biomes, strange creatures that fight back, mysterious caverns full of hazardous substratum, raw materials, and rare treasures. Survival will not be easy…at first.

Become a powerful Creator

Gain mastery over your world through mining, hunting, crafting, cooking, farming, and the power to transform the land. Realize your creative potential as you dig deeper, build higher, learn hundreds of recipes, unlock powerful tools, and engineer mechanical marvels. Your options for reshaping your world are nearly limitless.

Next-gen sandbox building

Go beyond the traditional, often painstaking sandbox experience with advanced tools, such as Blueprints—player-created structures with step-by-step instructions. Advanced machines like logic gates, sensors, math blocks, and more allow you to bring your creations to life. Creator Mode allows you to bypass the gathering and crafting loop to get straight to building. And fully rotatable and paintable blocks let you customize every last detail of your world.

A vibrant, creative community

Join thousands of players across hundreds of public worlds and take on the journey together. Or invite your friends to join you in your private world. Multiplayer is built-in and seamless, allowing you to meet up with friends in seconds. And regular community activities and seasonal events, as well as an active community on the forums and discord, keep things fresh.

Fair-to-play monetization

We’re committed to keeping Creativerse’s monetization fair, free of pay-to-play mechanics. The two ways we monetize are with Pro membership, which allows you to create multiple worlds with advanced customization options, as well as totally optional extras like costumes, auto-building bots, jetpacks, and block skins. The core gameplay will always be free.

Continually updated by a passionate dev team

Developed with care by a team that listens to player feedback and regularly updates the game with new features and content. Join our discord server and make your voice heard!

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