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Cards, Roguelike


Science Fiction, Space

Multiplayer Modes


Max Players Co-Op


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Edgeflow Studio


Hooded Horse

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Amazon Luna




GeForce Now

No (Coming soon)

PlayStation Plus Premium


Utomik Cloud


Xbox Game Streaming


Game description

You are the Captain – assemble your crew, load out your ship, and prepare to engage in intense turn-based battles while navigating through the galaxy. Acquire more powerful tools of the trade over multiple runs as you manage relationships across the many factions of Breachway – from the Militarist Solarii to the technologically inclined Numen, there are many friends and foes to be found among the stars.

Choose from a multitude of ship chassis and then kit your selection out with a variety of weapon systems, defensive upgrades, and internal modules. Find unique synergies between your options as each choice comes with an associated set of cards for your deck, with additional cards and upgrades unlocked at your discretion after each engagement.

Hire crew to operate your equipment, taking advantage of their unique skills and the benefits they provide your outfit – as well as their relationships with the factions you might encounter. But be warned, crew members have their own personalities and allegiances to remain mindful of.

Seek out upgrades and new hires as you traverse the galaxy – unexpected equipment combinations will provide powerful card synergies.

Explore diverse tactical options as you engage in turn-based card battles where resource management, strategic foresight, and adaptive thinking will determine the victor.

Your sensors will pick up on enemy activity, letting you know what to expect when they strike. Calculate cooldown times and target subsystems that pose the greatest threat to you in upcoming turns. Will you prioritize disabling them first, or focus on using defensive countermeasures to withstand their impact as you burn past enemy shields and punch through their hulls?

The right order of operations can be the difference between a powerful alpha strike that obliterates a weaker enemy ship, or an impenetrable defensive stack that buys you more time to chip away at a tough enemy. Hack enemy equipment, overheat their ships, overwhelm their point defense systems, and devise unique combinations with which to dominate space warfare.

Seek out the mysterious Signal as you carve your own unique path through the tense narrative encounters of Breachway. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again – each run improves your odds of success with better knowledge and tools, while the varied events will send you down unexpected journeys full of twists and turns keeping each run fresh.

Engage with pirates and converse with members of six unique factions that might help or hinder you in various ways. Grapple with morally gray decisions as you come across people spread across the systems, coloring how the world looks at you and your crew.

The right faction relationships, properly managed, can unlock access to extremely powerful arsenals, but your relationships with each of the factions will determine how your story unfolds – will you be swayed by the industrious Argus Union, or does the independence of the Free Roamers call to you?

Breachway puts you in charge of a rag-tag crew piloting a lone warship on a grand adventure – strategize and synergize your way through each run through the galaxy.

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