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Age of Water

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Action, Survival



Multiplayer Modes

Online Co-Op, Online Versus

Max Players Co-Op


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Three Whales Studio


Gaijin Entertainment

Initial Release Year


Amazon Luna




GeForce Now

Yes (Steam)

PlayStation Plus Premium


Utomik Cloud


Xbox Game Streaming


Game description

Become a sea captain on a post-apocalyptic Earth completely covered in water and go on an adventure in a huge open world. Sail through storms, fight and trade, capture other people’s boats or build your own, extract resources from the bottom of the ocean, reveal the secrets of the Age of Water world.

Water post-apocalypse
The ocean destroyed a once great civilization, but people survived and adapted. They built settlements on the roofs of tall buildings and the tops of other man-made structures. People travel across the ocean in tiny boats and huge combat vessels. The ocean provides everything they need, including extractable resources on the seabed. And yet, the dream of real land is still alive.

True open world
Explore the world at your own pace, discover new settlements and meet their inhabitants. Complete tasks, search for and extract valuable resources from the bottom of the ocean, earn money on trade or simply sell the artifacts you have obtained, and when you get the idea of how this world works, build your own base.

Hundreds of unique ships
Build boats from scratch or modify existing ones. Players have access to dozens of hulls and hundreds of parts, from which they can assemble anything ranging from a small boat to a hefty vessel 30 meters long, and then install equipment, armor and weapons. It’s important not to forget to gather a team of good crewmembers so that there is someone to stand behind machine guns and cannons or do other work on board.

Fierce naval battles
Pirates are always waiting for you at sea, and in some cases more aggressive players even start to chase you, so do not forget to install enough guns on your deck. You can destroy an enemy vessel, or you can capture it in battle and take it for yourself forever. Adventures might also get you into storming enemy fortresses and defending allied settlements!

Personal naval base
This shelter is reliably protected from enemies, and it allows a player to organize the production of everything that the captain may need on it. Build factories for the production of equipment, weapons, hulls for boats of all sizes, as well as the necessary resources.

Flexible balance between PvE and PvP
At first, you will only meet computer opponents, but later you can challenge other players if you are confident enough in your skills and gear. Always be on the lookout: if your task is to transport illegal goods, then other players may well take the quest to hunt smugglers. In Age of Water, everyone decides for themself who they are today – a peaceful traveler or a bloodthirsty pirate.

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