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About Google Stadia

Google Stadia is Google’s cloud gaming platform. Google Stadia launched in early access in November 2019. Initially only gamers who bought a Premiere Edition were granted access to Google Stadia. A premiere edition contained a Chromecast Ultra and a Stadia controller, which were optimal for Google Stadia. During 2020 Stadia officially launched for a range of countries.

Google Stadia offers both a subscription model and a traditional storefront where you buy your games. It seperates itself from other cloud gaming platforms in this way, as it’s business model caters to many type of gamers. Google Stadia is available on every device capable of running a Chromium browser. It started out with a small catalogue of over 100 games but has grown significantly since then. Due to being able to buy games, games rarely leave the service. One exception so far is Football Manager 2019. The game has been delisted, but it gets delisted yearly on every storefront (such as Steam) due to licensing.

Games are not added on a set schedule. Where most cloud gaming platforms add games on a weekly or monthly basis, Google Stadia adds games randomly. Sometimes multiple times a week. Google Stadia is also one of the few cloud gaming platforms which can be played for free with the only limitation being 1080p. You can buy your games without the need for a subscription. You can try the service for free by clicking here.

Google Stadia’s catalogue consists of both AAA games and indie games. In 2021, Google decided to close their in-house game studio, focusing on partnerships with third party companies. This led to less AAA titles and more indie games. Exclusives still arrive on the platform, however they are mostly timed exclusives. You can see the entire catalogue by clicking here.

Stadia Pro vs. Free Tier

Stadia Pro is Google Stadia’s optional subscription. For the price of € 9,99 per month, Stadia Pro offers 4K resolution, Dolby Surround support, extra discounts on sales and access to the Stadia Pro catalogue. Every month, new games get added to the Stadia Pro Catalogue and older games leave the catalogue. Unlike other cloud gaming subscription services, if a game is claimed during the period where it’s part of Stadia Pro, you’ll retain access to it as long as your Stadia Pro subscription is active. If a game leaves the Stadia Pro catalogue and you have claimed it, it remains playable. If your Stadia Pro subscription lapses and you resubscribe, you’ll regain access to all Stadia Pro games you claimed earlier. This has led to day one Stadia users having catalogues with over 100 games, increasing every month.

In summary:

Free TierStadia Pro
– No subscription cost– €9,99 per month
– Regular sales– Extra discounts on sales
– Up to 1080p, 60FPS– Up to 4K, 60FPS
– Stereo sound– Dolby surround