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Get ready for StarCraft on GeForce Now

We’re in for some big surprises this week! Last week, we saw Fallout games finally arriving on GeForce Now. This week, we’re getting more games from two big franchises. StarCraft and Diablo games are joining the service, among earlier announced titles. While they’re not new games, they’re huge games for GeForce Now. With the arrival of StarCraft on GeForce Now, one of the most critically acclaimed RTS series is now available. Check out everything else that’s new this GFN Thursday.

Diablo III logo

GFN Thursday 25 April 2024

A huge list of games are arriving at the end of April for GeForce Now. Besides Diablo and Starcraft arriving on Geforce Now, we’re also finally seeing the release of Stargate: Timekeepers. Additionally, there are six day one titles arriving this week. Great news all around! Titles in bold are new to cloud gaming.

That was it for this week. Will you be trying out StarCraft on GeForce Now? Follow our X / Twitter account to stay up to date when they’re added.