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Out of the blue, Amazon Luna announces GoG integration

Amazon Luna was one of the first cloud gaming services when it launched back in 2020. After a strong push into the cloud gaming market in limited regions, the service has been on the backburner for a while now. It’s shut down multiple channels and lost a lot of games from it’s catalogue in recent years. However, finally there’s some positive news! Amazon Luna has just announced GoG integration.

All quiet on the Amazon Luna front

The past few months, updates on Amazon Luna have been bare bones. Often, more games were leaving than joining. However, with a huge surprise announcement Amazon Luna has just announced that GoG integration is coming to the cloud gaming service. GoG is a DRM free game store for PC gamers much like Steam and Epic. Some games are already supported through GeForce Now.

In the official announcement Amazon mentions they will “bring a selection of GOG’s games to Luna”. There’s no news yet on all of the games that will be joining Amazon Luna apart from Stardew Valley, the Witcher games and Cyberpunk 2077. However, they’ve mentioned a low bar for developers to get their games added to Amazon Luna unlike services such as Google Stadia.

It also seems they’ve abandoned the idea of games behind their Luna+ subscription. You will need to subscribe to either Amazon Prime or Luna+ to be able to play supported games that you’ve bought on GoG. One can only wonder if integration with other PC gaming stores are in the works.

There’s no timeline yet regarding the release of Amazon Luna’s GoG integration, however they’ve mentioned very soon. It might be later this month. Keep your eye on the front page for news! In the meantime, you can browse the Amazon Luna catalogue by going here. You can read the full announcement by going here.