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More Bandai Namco games arrive on GeForce Now

It’s time for the fourth GFN Thursday of this month. Great titles are being added to GeForce Now as we speak, with both day one releases and great titles from the past. Most notable is the amount of Bandai Namco games added to GeForce Now. It seems Bandai Namco is getting ready to publish their back catalogue on GeForce Now, much like they did on other cloud gaming services earlier this week. But that’s not all, great day one titles are being added such as Nightingale and Pacific Drive.

Additionally, three titles available on GeForce Now are getting 1.0 updates and are leaving early access. This might be a good time to check them out. The three titles leaving early access are Last Epoch, Myth of Empires and Sons of the Forest. Read on for this week’s full update.

Pacific Drive logo

GFN Thursday February 21 2024

As mentioned, plenty of new games are joining GeForce Now this week including day one titles and early access games. And with Tales of Arise, it’s getting one of the biggest AAA games from 2021. Titles in bold are new to cloud gaming.

That was it for this week. It’s a great sign to see more Bandai Namco games arriving on GeForce Now. Hopefully, more big publishers will follow soon. Follow our X / Twitter account to stay up to date about new games being added.