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Boosteroid brings Tekken 8 to the cloud!

Boosteroid continues adding new games to the service with some absolute bangers this week. Boosteroid brings the recently released Tekken 8 to the cloud! But that’s not all, more big titles are coming tomorrow, but old and new. Ubisoft’s latest title, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is being added as well, for which we’ll have a review available soon! But there’s more. All titles will be available starting tomorrow, on the 31st of January. Read on for the Boosteroid January 2024 Games.

New games added to Boosteroid

Boosteroid keeps adding new games. This week contains a lot of new games including two AAA blockbusters. Check out the list of games below. Titles in bold are new to cloud gaming.

Added wednesday 31 January 2024

That was it for today. These were the latest batch of Boosteroid games, including Tekken 8. Stay tuned for more updates. Follow our X account to stay up to date.