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New filter option: Franchise

The Cloud Gaming Catalogue offers various methods of searching for your favorite games. We’re always looking to improve and to offer new ways to search for your favorite games to play in the cloud. And now we’ve introduced a brand new filter option in our catalogue: Franchises.

Search for games from your favorite franchises

We’ve often seen people asking questions about games available through cloud gaming based on their favorite franchises. Franchises aren’t typically tied to specific cloud gaming services, but spread out among them. We’ve done our best to categorize the games in our database with specific franchises, so you now have a way to see which games are playable in the cloud and where. Some of the most popular franchises include Star Wars, Final Fantasy, Dragon Ball, Marvel, Disney, DC Universe, Warhammer and many more!

In order to utilize this filter, go to the Cloud Gaming Catalogue, open the filters on the left (desktop) or using the filter button (mobile), and scroll down to the Franchise filter! There’s loads to discover! Here’s some examples to check out:

Initially, in order to keep the list from growing too large, we focused on franchises which exist outside of gaming as well. But we’re open to adding more franchises as demand grows. So be sure to let us know if there’s a major franchise you feel we are missing. You can contact us and send us an e-mail.

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