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Boosteroid adds twelve Nacon titles

The past few weeks have been quiet for Boosteroid, as the Boosteroid team has been enjoying christmas holidays. But they’ve awakened from their slumber again. Twelve new titles from publisher Nacon have been added to Boosteroid, which is an impressive number. The games are from a variety of genres ranging from simulation games to first person shooters and horror games. Read on to see which Nacon titles have been added to Boosteroid.

List of new Nacon games

Below you’ll which Nacon titles Boosteroid has added to their service. All twelve offer support for the Steam version of the game. We’ve already reviewed one of them in the past, namely Session: Skate Sim. You can read our review by going here. None of them are new to cloud gaming.

We’re excited to see Boosteroid add these Nacon titles and can’t wait to see what else January has in store for us. You can follow our X / Twitter account to keep up with the latest additions to Cloud Gaming.