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Utomik December 2023 Wave 1 Games

We’ve gotten word from Utomik about some new games heading to the service in December 2023. They are adding 10 games, all of which are cloud enabled! The best part is, there’s a day one title among them! As expected, they are mostly indie games but don’t let that fool you! Read on to find our which games are coming among the Utomik December 2023 Wave 1 Games.

New games this week

Below you’ll find the list of games which will be added this month. Among them is Born Of Bread, a day one indie title. Some titles have known release dates. They will be noted behind the title. Titles in bold are new to cloud gaming.

That was it for this week and the Utomik December 2023 Wave 1 Games. Check back for more updates on Utomik and other cloud gaming services. Follow our Twitter to stay up to date.

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