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Utomik November 2023 Games Wave 1

Utomik has added their first games for this month. On Twitter, they’ve let us know about five titles which are now available through their catalogue. It’s a good quality update this time, with five critically acclaimed indie titles, including a true classic. Read on to find our which games are including in the Utomik November 2023 Games for Wave 1.

Scarf Logo

New games this week

Below you’ll find the list of games which will be added this Thursday. One of the titles is Scarf, which we’ve reviewed before. You can read the Scarf review by going here. Titles in bold are new to cloud gaming.

That was it for this week and the Utomik October 2023 Games Wave 1. Check back for more updates on Utomik and other cloud gaming services. Follow our Twitter to stay up to date.