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GFN Thursday update 27 October 2023

It’s thursday again, which means a new GFN Thursday. A fresh batch of games arrives to GeForce Now this week including day one releases. The PC GamePass support is getting expanded yet again, to include some great Microsoft games. Read on for the GFN Thursday update 27 October 2023!

A great chance to try GeForce Now

Before we get into this week’s new games, there’s also a special offer available in case you’re not already a GeForce Now subscriber.

Paradox is offering one-month GeForce NOW Priority memberships to the first 100,000 people who purchase the game Visit Cities: Skylines II for more info.

List of New Games

Here’s the list of new games. It’s filled with PC GamePass titles and some highly anticipated day one releases. Titles in bold are new to cloud gaming.

That was it for the GFN Thursday update 27 October 2023. You can follow our Twitter account to keep up with the latest additions to Cloud Gaming.