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It’s Thursday and that means new GeForce Now games. Read on for the GFN Thursday update 20 July 2023. This week, we’re seeing four new games added. No surprises this week. Varying genres and something for everyone. Additionally, Nvidia has officially announced that the Portal: Prelude RTX mod is coming to GeForce Now soon.

Premium members of GeForce Now will get access to an upcoming premium Guild Wars 2 reward. The “Always Prepared” and “Booster” bundles bring a combo of helpful tools, cosmetic items, a mini pet and more. Grab them in time for the fourth expansion of Guild Wars 2, coming to GeForce NOW when it launches Tuesday, Aug. 22 – it includes a new storyline, powerful combat options, new mount abilities and more. 

Check out the list of new games below.

List of new games

Here’s the list of new games. Titles in bold are new to cloud gaming.

That was it for the GFN Thursday update 20 July 2023. You can follow our Twitter account to keep up with the latest additions to Cloud Gaming.