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Amazon Luna and Boosteroid add one game

Both Amazon Luna and Boosteroid have started July by adding one unannounced game. Both services have seemingly slowed down in recent months, in terms of adding new games. In fact, they both lost more games than they’ve added. For Boosteroid, this comes as a surprise as a partnership with Microsoft has been announced about two months ago. But let us focus on the positives, which are two new games.

Two new games

Amazon Luna has surprisingly added the latest Settlers game into the mix. The Settlers: New Allies is now available for subscribers Ubisoft+ on it’s Ubisoft+ channel. This new take on the city building classic hopes to revitalize the series.

Boosteroid has added a fairly new game to it’s roster. Noob – The Factionless is a turn based RPG meant as a tribute to old school JRPG’s. The steam version has been added to the Boosteroid roster as the only game joining this week.

So far Amazon Luna and Boosteroid have each added one new game. But let’s hope there’s more to come! You can follow our Twitter account to keep up with the latest additions.