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Xbox Game Pass June 2023 Wave 2 Games

The Xbox Game Pass June 2023 Wave 2 Games have been announced. Once again, it’s a great refresh with quality titles added in the mix. Included are some day one releases. The past few months, the new Xbox Game Pass games have been a little disappointing however Microsoft seems to have found the way up. Additionally, a few games are leaving at the end of the month. Titles in bold are new to cloud gaming.

New games

Plenty of new games will be joining the roster. Three of them have been officially announced for cloud gaming. The other games are likely to become available either way. They’ll be included below.

Need for Speed Unbound (June 22)
Tear up the streets with friends and experience new ways to compare and compete with the squad in Lakeshore Online. Duck the cops to earn your way to dope new upgrades, and smash new events and Daily Challenges for the chance to gain XP, Bank, and a new Mercedes-Maybach S 680 (2021).

The Bookwalker (June 22)
The Bookwalker is a narrative adventure in which you play as Etienne Quist, a writer-turned-thief with the ability to dive into books. Use your powers to journey between reality and book worlds, and steal legendary items like Thor’s Hammer and Excalibur to restore your ability to write.

Bramble: The Mountain King (June 27)
Bramble: The Mountain King is a grim adventure set in a world inspired by dark, Nordic fables. Explore the beautiful yet dangerous and twisted land of Bramble in your endeavor to rescue your sister. Traverse a wondrous landscape and survive deadly encounters with Bramble’s many hideous creatures. Be sure to read our review on Bramble right here.

F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch (June 27)
The tough rabbit is making his way to Xbox Game Pass. Enjoy a seamless adventure, a combat experience that has been well received by players, and dive into the Dieselpunk world of F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch. Stay fluffy and stay furious!

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town (June 29)
Your farming life begins in Mineral Town, a charming village surrounded by nature. You’ve returned after many years to restore your late grandfather’s farm to its former glory. Care for crops, livestock, and more as your very own story of seasons unfold.

Arcade Paradise (July 3)
Welcome to Arcade Paradise, the 90’s-fuelled retro arcade adventure. Rather than washing rags for a living, you decide to turn the family laundromat into the ultimate arcade. Play, profit, and purchase new arcade machines, with over 35 to choose from, to build your very own Arcade Paradise!

Sword and Fairy: Together Forever (July 5)
Enter a realm that blends ancient mythology with traditional Asian aesthetics in Sword and Fairy: Together Forever! Weaving its tale between the three clans of Human, Deity, and Demon, it puts you in command of a memorable party of characters, each with unique personalities, motives, skills, strengths, and weaknesses.

Games leaving June 15th

Sadly, as we’ve come to expect some titles will be leaving too. Six in total and you’ll find the list of games leaving below. Titles in bold will become unavailable for cloud gaming. Surprise: None!

That was it for the Xbox Game Pass June 2023 Wave 2 Games.