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It seems like Boosteroid has changed to a weekly rotation of adding new games. Boosteroid’s April 2023 Wave 3 games are ready to play. Up to 9 games have been added this week so far. Some newer games, some older games. But a great way to round out the catalogue. Especially after Boosteroid removed 25 games earlier this week. You can find the titles which have been added below. Titles in bold are new to cloud gaming.

terra nil logo

New games added to Boosteroid

A very varied refresh this week. With platformers, simulation games, first person shooters, and so on. Dying Light was also free on Epic Games Store last week, so it becomes available on one more platform. Absolute highlight is Terra Nil, which may surprise you. You can find out why in our review coming up next week.

That was it for today, just a small update worth mentioning Boosteroid’s April 2023 Wave 3 games.