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Boosteroid removed 25 games

A sad day for Boosteroid users around the globe. Boosteroid removed 25 games from their catalogue earlier, which can no longer be streamed. Boosteroid is a service similar to GeForce Now, where you pay a subscription to play games you buy elsewhere. For example games bought from the Steam Store or Epic Games store. As such, even though the games cannot be streamed anymore, they’re not lost forever. However, for those of us who play exclusively through the cloud it is a sad day. Some games are no longer stream-able through other services such as GeForce Now.

A reason for removing the games was not given, as it has not been officially announced. It seems it’s partly due to technical difficulties with specific games. And some might be licensing issues, as a lot of THQ Nordic games have vanished. You can find the full list of games below. Titles in bold are now unavailable through cloud gaming. Huge thank you to CloudDosage for finding this out, you can find their original article by going here.

Games that left Boosteroid

This was our article on why Boosteroid removed 25 games and the list of games attached. Keep checking back for more news!