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Boosteroid’s April 2023 Wave 2 games

Just last week Boosteroid added their first games of April 2023. And now it seems the Boosteroid’s April 2023 Wave 2 games are ready to play. They include some older titles and one of the latest blockbuster games, namely WWE 2K23. You can find the titles which have been added below. Titles in bold are new to cloud gaming.

New games added to Boosteroid

The absolute highlight from the list below is WWE 2K23, notably because it is new to cloud gaming. The Epic version of Hogwarts Legacy is now available too. Apart from that, it’s mainly some indie and older titles available on other platforms. Not to say that’s not a big deal, because they are quality additions. Be sure to read our review of Dredge right here, to read what it’s about.

That was it for today, just a small update worth mentioning Boosteroid’s April 2023 Wave 2 games.