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Boosteroid adds first April 2023 games

It’s time for Boosteroid’s first new games of the month, as Boosteroid adds the first April 2023 games. Nine games in total join their catalogue, with two of them available in the Install category. It’s includes a lot of older titles with one of the latest titles snuck in between. Read on for more.

Big games from the past

Boosteroid has added some big games from the past to round out it’s catalogue. Absolutely stellar titles which aren’t well distributed among the cloud in some cases.

First up is Crime Boss: Rockay City, one of the bigger titles of recent weeks. The game is a combination of PayDay 2 with a rogue like twist. Playable in both singleplayer and multiplayer modes, the game is a must try for fans of heist video games.

And some older titles have joined the catalogue as well, such as My Time In Portia, Tribes of Midgard, Player Unknown’s Battlground (PUBG) and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Tribes of Midgard and PUBG are new or returning to cloud gaming. My Time In Portia is pretty widely available but Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is only available on PlayStation Plus Premium in addition to Boosteroid. All games support the Steam version.

Also added today is Neighbours Back From Hell, previously available through Stadia and making a return to cloud gaming. Following that we have My Time At Sandrock, Endling Extinction Is Forever and Have A Nice Death. All great titles to round out the catalogue.

That was it for today, just a small update worth mentioning Boosteroid adds first April 2023 games.