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Amazon Luna expands to UK, Germany and Canada

It’s finally time for Amazon Luna to broaden it’s horizons. According to 9to5Google, Amazon Luna expands to the UK, Germany and Canada today! It feels like the service has been available in the U.S.A. since forever, but it’s only been out of beta for a year. Amazon now feels confident enough to expand to other markets. Amazon Luna can be played on Samsung smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire Tablets, iPhones and iPads via Safari, and Android devices from Google, OnePlus, and Samsung via Chrome. You can browse our searchable and filterable Amazon Luna channel here.

As in the U.S.A., it launches with it’s three channels. The Luna+ Channel, where the meat of the content is. Then there’s publishers specific channels like the Jackbox Party channel and Ubisoft+ channel. Games you own and sync on Ubisoft Connect can be played as well.

Long term

It’s long needed good news for Amazon Luna, because there were some doubts about it’s long term goals. The past half year, Amazon Luna lost a Retro and Family Channel and tons of games with it. It’s catalogue has shrunk considerably. However, this expansion is a good sign for the future. There are rumors Amazon is transitioning Luna to a service where you can stream your bought games, exactly like GeForce Now and Boosteroid. Time will tell. For now let’s just enjoy the fact Amazon Luna expands into UK, Germany and Canada.